Women And Investing

Women have different needs than men—and we invest differently, too. At United Iowa Financial, clients benefit from working with advisors who embrace a diverse range of investment strategies that factor in the different needs of men and women. Because just like our clients, no member of our team is exactly alike.

Gender differences play a role in our overall lifetime earnings, expenses, and retirement plans.

Only 52% of women say they’re confident managing their investments. (3)

The average woman working full-time will lose $403,440 in wages over a 40-year period due to the wage gap.(2)

Gender differences also impact how we talk about—or don’t talk about—money.

At UIF, our advisors help you start that all-important conversation about your financial goals, so you can build the confidence to invest in your own success.

Too often, women are conditioned to believe we don’t have the experience or the knowledge to jump into the world of investment. But what we’re not told is that traits commonly shared by women investors—patience, persistence, thoughtfulness and focus—are the very characteristics that can help us make better long-term investment decisions.

You deserve more.

Women deserve a tailor-made plan based on their real needs. Our diverse group of investment advisors, which includes a leadership team comprised of 40% women, has the expertise, experience, and most importantly, first-hand knowledge of the factors we must consider when talking specifically about your financial picture.

Keys to Becoming a Better Investor

  • Goals & Priorities
  • Transparency
  • Education
  • Disciplined Approach
  • Preparation

Women earned 81.8% of what men earned in 2017. (1)

61% of women would rather talk about their own death than money. (3)

There’s no secret to getting started—it all begins with an introduction to a trusted advisor.

Mollie Thomsen

Mollie Thomsen, AIF®

Carrie Wagner

Carrie Wagner, AIF®

Dee McAlpin

Dee McAlpin, RICP® AIF®

Bridget Davis

Bridget Davis, AIF®


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